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Lauren Jauregui Doesn't Date According to the Gender Binary

One of your favorite bisexual music icons (how great is it that there are MULTIPLE bicons in music?!) just landed her first *solo* cover story, and it's everything we wanted it to be. Lauren Jauregui opened up to Nylon about going solo, recording her sentimental and personal new album, and her love life. And the best part is that Jauregui is able to be so authentically herself. She's not confined by standards, or labels, or even the gender binary… »

The Ethics of How to Love

While I am fascinated by studies that document the physiological aspects of love and of failing in love — a meta-analysis study conducted by a Syracuse University professor found that “failing in love only takes about a fifth of a second” and “failing in love can elicit not only the same euphoric feeling as using cocaine, but also affects intellectual areas of the brain” — I want to talk about how to love. Yes, the ethics of how to love. After a… »