New Show "Batwoman" Features An Openly Lesbian Main Character

New Show "Batwoman" Features An Openly Lesbian Main Character

Everyone needs a superhero to look up to — but, for the most part, popular super heroes look and act the same. Which is why, in a world where it's usually a white man with laser powers or a different white man with super strength, the LGBTQ+ community doesn't get a ton of representation when iconic comics are brought to life.

But that's slowly beginning to change, thanks to the CW's Batwoman series that's currently under development, where the lead will be an open lesbian. With this, she will be the first lesbian superhero as a lead character in a show in the DC world. So, move over, every Chris who has ever played a superhero! There's a new hero in town to protect society, and she's legit.

While Batwoman will be breaking superhero history, she'll be joining the ranks of some incredible LGBTQ+ TV characters like Riverdale's Kevin Keller (played by Casey Cott), who is the first openly gay character in Archie Comics history. Let's also not forget The CW's Arrow, which showcases an array of characters who identify as LGBTQ+ (who else ships Citizen Cold and The Ray?).

Deadline reports that the new show will be co-created by The Vampire Diaries executive producer Caroline Dries, so we're already in love with it. Caroline be joined by Greg Berlanti, a gay writer/producer who's behind Arrow. Greg also directed the gay romantic comedy Love, Simon. Basically: this is a beautiful combination of people who not only care about LGBTQ+ rights, but know how to accurately portray queer stories.

Excited to have a character who is openly gay while saving the day? You're not alone!

If all goes well in the world of TV development, Batwoman is slated for a 2019 premiere. But something tells she's bound to inspire some badass Halloween costumes this year.