Female ejaculation: this is how you learn to squirt!

Female ejaculation: this is how you learn to squirt!

You can hear that right - women can also ejaculate! You can do it yourself but your partner can also learn it. Although only a small number of women can squirt farther than some men, most women are able to produce a milky white vaginal fluid if their g-spot is properly stimulated. We have listed 5 handy tips for you with which you really have to succeed in getting squirting. Go for it!

1. Relax

Good preparation is half the job. To squirt it is important to remove all mental barriers. If you do not relax enough, it will not work! So make sure you have arranged everything well in advance. A towel to absorb the moisture, lubricant, a clean environment and cut nails are tips to watch out for. If necessary, put on some relaxed music that will put you or both of you in the right mood.

2. Empty the bladder

Make sure you first went to the toilet for a while. A squirting orgasm gives the same feeling as when you have to pee. This is because the same muscles are used for squirting. This makes it more difficult to relax properly. When she is sure that the bladder is empty, it becomes easier for her to let go of this feeling.

3. Excitement

To be able to squirt you must be in the right mindstate. It is important to be as excited as possible. Try to wait a while before touching the vagina and anus, but treat the other erogenous zones all the more. Does your partner help you squirt? Then take the time for the foreplay and certainly do not proceed too quickly. First do nothing with your fingers and avoid the clitoris for a while. For example, first kiss the area around the vagina and continue slowly!

4. Cum already

If you are sufficiently excited you could first come "normal". A woman can come several times in succession. A "normal" orgasm provides enough power and moisture "down under". Enough power, but also enough relaxation and moisture can ensure that squirting comes afterwards!

5. G-spot stimulation

To get even close to ejaculation, the g-spot must be stimulated. Use your middle and forefinger to do this and go slowly with your palm - pointing upwards. The G-Spot is approximately 5 cm inside the vagina. At the top, at the height of the clitoris, you feel like a small thickening is good. Found it? Now use both your fingers and make a beckoning "come here" movement, gently over the spot. You can also use a G-spot vibrator instead of your fingers.